The Saint Paul Police Foundation is raising funds for the renovation of the Saint Paul Police Department interrogation rooms. The Major Crimes Division of the Saint Paul Police Department has four interview/interrogation rooms located on the second floor of Police Headquarters. These rooms are used by a variety of units, including Homicide/Robbery, Family and Sexual Violence, Burglary, Gangs, and Special Investigations.

Each room is currently equipped with a camera and microphone so the room can be monitored and/or recorded from a separate location. Though the equipment in use has served its purpose well, it is old and out of date. The quality of the audio and video does not the standard required by prosecutors and juries to provide a completely accurate portrayal of the evidence.

Currently, the police department records interrogations and interviews on compact discs. These are later downloaded to a media drive. This process is cumbersome and lends itself to mistakes and malfunctions. The rooms also have very little sound proofing. There have been too many occasions where suspects have heard what other suspects, witnesses or—worse yet—victims have said in other rooms.

By upgrading the equipment, recordings could be stored directly to the drive, eliminating the possibility of user error. Adding soundproofing will ensure interviews and interrogations are not overheard.