Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Project

The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Project grew out of the experience and activities of the St. Paul Police Department Gang Unit and Juvenile Units. The Department took a fresh look at and approach to anti-violence program measures, realizing that past efforts have not provided the standard of success that they strive to achieve. VIP brings St. Paul to the next level in our goal to prevent and reduce youth violence and crime, enhancing current program service implementation and delivery.

Currently within the city of St. Paul, youth violence prevention and intervention efforts are not coordinated across stakeholder groups. Programs are not meeting their full potential due to lack of a formal, efficient, comprehensive system that tracks and assists youth from the time of referral, through delivery of services and program outcomes.

VIP proposes a comprehensive framework, a “one stop shopping” access point that tracks and supports clients from the referral and assessment process through customized action plans to enhance youth and family development.

Services that would be coordinated through the program range from tattoo removal—to college access and everything in between: life skills, support groups, financial literacy education, health and fitness programming, employment and training, goal setting and future planning.

VIP identified the following goals that will objectively measure the project’s success: reduced juvenile crimes and truancy, improved school performance, reduced court costs, and reduced costs of adult crime.